Rolly View Estate

Situated in the scenic river valley of Rolly View, Alberta, this project began as a quest to address structural imperfections but culminated in a breathtaking renovation that celebrates the surrounding natural splendor while embodying timeless elegance. Upon inspection by a team of experts and engineers, unsightly cracks in the ceiling were not merely repaired but transformed into an opportunity to introduce architectural depth. Shiplap now spans the expanse of the ceiling, seamlessly addressing superficial flaws, while meticulously crafted wooden beams add dimension and visual intrigue, evoking rustic charm harmoniously intertwined with modern sensibilities. A meticulous attention to detail guided every decision, evident in the replacement of the fireplace surround to harmonize with the newly introduced wooden beams, creating a cohesive material palette that flows effortlessly throughout the space. Wrap-around wainscoting adorns the main floor, a testament to transitional elegance that unifies disparate areas with understated sophistication. Our dedication to creating a personalized haven led us to collaborate closely with one of the clients, a talented artist. The result? A neutral and sophisticated environment that serves as the perfect backdrop for her nature-inspired water-colour artwork. A striking piece inspired by the abstract French countryside now takes center stage above the fireplace, a focal point that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding decor, showcasing our expertise in curating cohesive color stories. But our expertise extends beyond individual elements; it lies in the integration of these elements across various rooms of the home. From the living room to the loft, a delicate balance of tradition and modernity is achieved through carefully selected furnishings and accessories, each contributing to the overall narrative of a modern French countryside home. At the heart of this project lies our commitment to transforming spaces into reflections of our clients’ unique personalities and the natural beauty that surrounds them. Through meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to design excellence, we have created a sanctuary that transcends trends, ensuring enduring elegance for years to come.

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