Tour des Canadiens

In the heart of downtown Montreal, lies a condominium that serves as both a sanctuary and a testament to individuality. Tasked with the transformation of a generic builder-grade condo, we embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of our client, a dynamic young banking executive, within its walls. Through a harmonious blend of modernity, artistry, and functionality, we sought to mirror her ambitious spirit and eclectic tastes. At the heart of the design stands a two-tiered fireplace, crafted from terrazzo and Breccia Pernice marble. It commands attention and serves as a visual symphony of texture and form. Surrounding this focal point, custom-designed bentwood chairs, mixed metals, and walls bathed in midnight brown hues imbue the space with depth and character, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly balances sophistication and warmth. Intertwined with the design narrative are subtle nods to our client’s personal interests and values. Strong female imagery delicately woven throughout the interiors speaks volumes, adding layers of meaning and resonance to the overall aesthetic. The design process was all about storytelling through the use of playful rudimentary shapes. The terrazzo fireplace, kitchen island, and architectural details each infuse the space with whimsy and charm. Meanwhile, the kitchen stands as a testament to the client’s professional prowess—a meticulously curated haven tailored for an inspiring young female executive within Montreal’s banking industry. Its design, marked by gravity-defying elements and luxurious Breccia Pernice marble, serves as a reflection of her composed demeanor, balanced with a formidable work ethic and sharp wit. This design narrative is not for the faint of heart; it is a celebration of the bold and the brave. Through years of dedication, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with kindred spirits, delivering spaces that resonate deeply with their vision and personality. In each project, we strive not only to transform spaces but to craft narratives that inspire and elevate the human spirit. Welcome to a realm where design transcends convention, and individuality reigns supreme.

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