The most rewarding experiences are those which allow us to share our gifts in ways that improve the lives of others.


If I were a cocktail, I would definitely be a gin fiz because it’s perfectly balanced – equal parts sweet and tart (let’s just leave it at that)!

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in interdisciplinary design and Project Management. I really enjoy coming up with creative solutions for complex problems!

My design approach is all about blending science, environmental awareness, and a love of fine arts. It’s important to be methodical and thoughtful in my work.

In 2016, I earned a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture, where I focused on sustainable design. That means I’m all about finding ways to make buildings and spaces more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

I love using my diverse background and skills to help my clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s designing a new building or managing a complex project, I’m always up for a creative challenge.


If I were a cocktail, I would be a smoked old-fashioned! This classic cocktail is perfect for my old soul and has stood the test of time, blending many complex flavors and reinventing itself to add an organic and raw edge. An accomplishment I strive to achieve through my design career.

I describe my design style as the interception between organic + refined materials establishing luxurious spaces with a raw edge.

While not working at Linger, I manage two small businesses; a home goods boutique with my mother and sister and an event planning business.

Fun fact – I love travelling and have been to 14 countries and four continents so far!

While working with Linger, you can expect to:

  • Express yourself unapologetically
  • Challenge the status-quo 
  • Emerge with a inspiring space that makes you want to sit stay and LINGER

sit, stay, linger