The most rewarding experiences are those which allow us to share our gifts in ways that improve the lives of others.

a culmination of art, science and design

Amanda Lwanga is a licensed Professional Engineer, with over 12 years of experience in design and Project Management.  She leads a team of designers, tradespeople and artisans who are exceptional in their respective fields. 

Her education and career are rooted in the sciences. In 2007 Amanda completed a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Environmental Systems Engineering and then in 2016, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture – focusing on regenerative design. For over 10 years Amanda worked as a Project Manager, promoting environmental compliance and coordinating environmental assessment projects across Western Canada.

Amanda has had a life-long passions for place-making.  In 2017 she launched her firm while maintaining her full-time career and in 2018 she left her senior position to operate her design firm full time.  Today Amanda is currently serving businesses and homeowners across Canada who are seeking to reduce their impact on the environment while basking in an elevated space. 

As a thought-leader in the design community, Amanda is a strong believer in inter-disciplinary problem solving.

“Art, science, and design are all governed by similar principles. Whether you’re balancing the composition of a painting or a stoichiometric equation, the process of striking balance is essential to producing a successful outcome. Though different mediums and tools are used, there is a general order of operations. The ability to assess and re-shape problems from different perspectives often yields the most meaningful results.”

Amanda’s design practice is a culmination of her life experiences. It’s rooted in her respect of the environment, methodic approach to problem solving, attention to detail and her love of fine arts.  

“Through my career, I’ve learned that the most rewarding experiences are those which allow us to share our gifts in ways that improve the lives of others.”

Amanda Lwanga, Founder

While working with Linger, you can expect to:

  • express yourself unapologetically
  • challenge the status-quo of generic, place-less design
  • celebrate the synergies between humans, built systems and the natural ecosystem
  • emerge with a inspiring space that makes you linger just a little longer

sit, stay, linger