Chrenek Estate

In the Spring of 2021, our team embarked on a journey to reimagine this Sherwood Park estate home, catering to the diverse tastes of our clients— hip empty nesters and lifelong travel companions. Our mission? To neutralize the outdated red and yellow tones that plagued the original flooring, cabinets, and brick wall, while infusing the space with character and vibrancy. Balancing the polarized design preferences of our clients was our first challenge. While one gravitated towards clean lines and simplicity, the other sought bold accents and splashes of color. But where others might see conflict, we saw opportunity. By marrying these seemingly opposing aesthetics, we curated a space that harmonized both worlds seamlessly. To neutralize the red brick wall, we employed a German schemer application, while opting for white oak cabinets and flooring to lend an air of modernity. But it was the infusion of color that truly brought the space to life. Moody teal and rusty tones from carefully selected art pieces found their way into furnishings, juxtaposed with black and gold accents that exuded sophistication. Our pièce de résistance? A set of painted doors atop a highly textured ebony consul—an anchor that tells the story of our clients’ evolution into empty nesters yearning for new adventures. Rust orange, moody teal, and playful shapes adorn these doors, serving as a visual narrative of their journey. At Linger Design Studio, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform dated estate homes into eclectic havens that transcend time. Our interdisciplinary approach, rooted in modern, vintage, and brutalist aesthetics, allows us to craft spaces that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression. Collaborating with trusted developers, builders, contractors, and artisans, we seek to create memorable experiences for our clients, resulting in spaces that are not only evocative but also sustainable. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in renovating estate homes, breathing new life into spaces that were once confined to the pages of history.

Let's Make Design History