Larch Court Estate

Our Larch Court project is where elegance meets sustainability and local craftsmanship intertwines with creative problem-solving. We’re thrilled to share the story of our collaboration with a dynamic power couple in Sherwood Park. Nestled within the charming streets of a 1960s neighborhood, this project presented us with a canvas rich in architectural character and potential. From vaulted ceilings to warm-toned flooring, we embraced the essence of mid-century design while infusing it with our signature flair for contemporary luxury. Our design brief called for a celebration of sustainability, weaving inherited antiques and reclaimed materials seamlessly into the fabric of the space. In true collaborative spirit, we partnered with local artisans who shared our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainable design. One of the highlights of this project was the creation of a custom-designed plush velvet bench and matching hexagonal poof for the primary bedroom. By designing these pieces in-house, we not only achieved precise dimensions and color palettes but also bypassed supply chain challenges, ensuring a truly bespoke touch. Our dedication to sustainability was further showcased in our decision to clad the existing platform bed in walnut veneer, a creative solution that saved on labor and minimized waste. Marrying a clear aesthetic vision with practicality, delivered results that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible. The focal point of the primary bedroom came in the form of a custom fluted headboard, complete with an inset, swiveling arm sconce. Collaborating closely with our local woodworker and electrician, we transformed the space into a sanctuary of luxury and functionality. Throughout this design journey, the sweetest discovery was made when we entrusted our client’s inherited antique desk to a local furniture restorer. To our delight, we uncovered a personal connection as the restorer revealed that he had worked on this exact piece in his youth, leaving his initials carved on the back of the drawer. This heartwarming moment encapsulates the essence of our design philosophy—bridging the past with the present, while forging meaningful connections along the way. At Linger Design Studio we believe that great design transcends aesthetics—it tells a story, fosters sustainability, and celebrates local craftsmanship. Join us on our journey as we continue to transform spaces, one inspired creation at a time.

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