Grey Stone Estate

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled elegance of a recent project, a stunning estate home nestled within the exclusive enclave of River View just north of Edmonton. Here, our design ethos gracefully merges with a refined approach to color and material selection. In the heart of the home, a color palette of muted blues, blacks, and whites interplays with the warmth of walnut wood accents to create a sense of timeless beauty in the kitchen and living spaces. The delicate application of these hues extends seamlessly throughout, from the countertops to the accent walls and furnishings, crafting a cohesive material palette that exudes understated elegance. This cohesive material palette extends effortlessly to the outdoor space, where Blue Roma quartzite and Emperador marble adorn the outdoor fireplace wall, creating a sense of continuity. In the dining room a feathered-jewel-toned wallpaper envelops the space, adding depth and intrigue while effortlessly complementing the existing color story. This bold yet refined choice serves as a testament to our ability to infuse each room with a sense of unexpected delight. Venturing into the office, designed for a visionary female entrepreneur, we artfully juxtapose soft rose metallic wallpaper with a bold black light fixture, symbolizing the delicate balance between people-centered leadership and technical acumen. Here, the integration of original art by Raymond Saá, displayed on a Samsung Frame TV, showcases our innovative approach to blending technology seamlessly with traditional design elements. Throughout the home, our meticulous attention to detail is evident, by the careful selection of materials such as Jamie Beckwith’s Ponti collection flooring, which mirrors the angular forms found in the furnishings and lighting. In each room of this exquisite estate home, our expertise in developing a cohesive material palette and color story is unmistakable, as we seamlessly integrate luxury and sophistication into every detail.

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