Riverview Estate

Welcome to a world where art deco allure meets 70’s glam, a captivating journey through design epochs that redefine luxury living. Step into our latest project nestled in the picturesque River View area, where every corner whispers tales of opulence and sophistication. In the heart of this abode lies the living room, a sanctuary bathed in natural light, beckoning both art aficionados and socialites alike. Here, we choreographed an open space adorned with walnut wood paneling, a sublime backdrop framing a majestic stone fireplace. Against this urban canvas, vibrant accents dance in harmony with a mesmerizing multi-colored Persian rug, infusing femininity and charm into the room. As we journey further, the kitchen and dining area unfold, a symphony of stardust cement tiles and whitewashed wood parquet flooring. Our ode to culinary elegance showcases the juxtaposition of Calcutta and green marble, while a central island, adorned in graphic wood paneling, pays homage to the iconic allure of 70’s glam. Concealed behind sleek millwork lies a realm of hidden functionality, seamlessly integrated to elevate the space to grandeur and luxury. Prepare to be ensnared by the drama and glam of the primary bathroom, where timeless motifs of black and white stripes intertwine with the enduring allure of marble. Against this backdrop, fine print polka dot wallpaper creates a captivating dance of balance and movement, igniting the senses with every step. The journey continues into the primary bedroom, a sanctuary punctuated by color blocks of burgundy and dusty-rose amidst intricate patterned wallpaper. Here, visual interest intertwines with moments of respite, crafting an oasis of serenity amidst the vibrant tapestry of design. Descend into the basement, where a moody cocktail lounge awaits, a bastion of brutalist design and maximalist allure. Oxblood hues envelop the space, while modern statement furnishings in cognac brown and rust weave a narrative of decadence and intrigue. As a final flourish, saturated jewel tones and neons in artwork punctuate the space, culminating in a custom-designed triangular coffee table that stands as a testament to brutalist forms.

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