Brentwood Chiropractic and Wellness

Embark on a journey into our latest design escapade, where innovation meets tranquility in the heart of Sherwood Park. Nestled within the vibrant community lies a wellness center that transcends the ordinary and invites patrons into a realm of serenity and style. In designing this haven, our vision was clear: to craft a space where the boundaries between medical facility and sanctuary blur effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque Alberta wheat fields, we envisioned a space that echoed the vibrant hues of spring and the warmth of a summer breeze. Our journey was guided by the client’s desire for an environment that exudes relaxation, modernity, and cheerfulness. We translated these aspirations into tangible elements, infusing natural light wherever possible and an unmistakable sense of welcome thought the use of natural materials. For the staff areas, we channelled the youthful energy of a sprouting wheat field, with its green hues. Contrastingly, the public spaces embrace the golden tranquility of a mature wheat field, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and calm. The foyer, symbolising a gateway to rejuvenation, became our pièce de résistance. Here, slatted details not only captivate the eye but also provided acoustic dampening, ensuring a tranquil experience for patrons and staff. Vinyl grasscloth wallpaper adds depth and texture, while helping staff maintain impeccable hygiene standards—a nod to both form and function. Custom furnishings became our medium of expression. We incorporated slatted and curved elements into the foyer seating and check-in desks, elevating functionality to an art form. Each element of this space tells a story, inviting patrons to linger a moment longer in this oasis of beauty and comfort. Together with our Clients we envisioned a space that serves not only as a sanctuary but as a hub of community and healing. With versatile programming, including physiotherapy sessions, group lectures, and community gatherings, every corner becomes a stage for wellness and connection. In the heart of Sherwood Park, Brentwood Wellness stands as a beacon of tranquility—a testament to the transformative power of design.

Let's Make Design History