Vignettes Cocktail Corner

Step into a realm where architectural innovation converges with social commentary in our latest project, epitomizing the ethos of modern design. Drawing inspiration from the Brutalist Architecture movement, our team has meticulously crafted a space that not only captivates the eye but also challenges conventional notions of aesthetic experience. Embodying the zeitgeist of contemporary culture, our narrative explores the ubiquitous influence of Instagram on our perception of reality. Through a deft interplay of modular elements and distinctly articulated forms, each facet of the space serves as a curated backdrop for the digital age’s insatiable appetite for documentation. Mirrors and iridescent reflective surfaces adorn every corner, inviting patrons to catch fleeting glimpses of themselves amidst the architectural tapestry. At the heart of the space lies a bespoke curved mirror, encased in a gilded frame—a nod to the timeless allure of classical art, yet subverted to reflect the ephemeral nature of digital self-expression. As patrons navigate through the curated vignettes, they are confronted with the dichotomy of authenticity and artifice, symbolized by the subtle distortion of their reflections—a playful homage to the ubiquitous editing tools of contemporary social media. Our expertise in set design shines through in every detail, from the meticulously crafted marble-clad triangular table—an embodiment of the trinity of self—to the whimsical leopard print and fringe bar stools, which beckon patrons to indulge in moments of decadence and self-discovery. In pushing the boundaries of design conventions, we have created not merely a space, but an immersive experience—an architectural tableau that invites introspection and exploration in equal measure. Join us on a journey where form meets function, and where every selfie is a statement of identity in the digital age.

Let's Make Design History