Vignettes Design Festival (2019)

Aesthetically, we drew inspiration from the Brutalist Architecture movement with its repeated modular elements forming distinctly articulated forms. The narrative driving this concept was a celebration (and satire) of ‘Instagram Culture’ – the need to document personal experiences on camera. Through the emergence of Instagram, we have become our own muse – if it wasn’t posted in your feed it didn’t happen! We wanted each Patron to understand that they are my Muse. We, therefore, designed pre-curated Instagram moments throughout the vignette as a backdrop for their Instagram feed. As they move throughout the space, one of the objectives was to have patrons catch frequent glimpses of themselves, so we incorporated the use of mirrors and iridescent reflective surfaces on all the walls. The back of the room features a custom curved mirror, encased in a picture frame. This feature was designed to make patrons feel like they are stepping into a painting. While the designated photographer (outside of the mirrored area) shifts to capture the perfect shot the patron’s reflection likewise would become distorted (for better or for worse). This struggle pays homage to Apps like Facetune, where users virtually nip and tuck their bodies before posting selfies on their feed. The custom furnishings were designed to tickle the senses! The marble-clad, triangular table represents the three aspects of self (mind, body and soul). Incorporating playful leopard print and fringe bar stools was a no-brainer! After getting their fill of selfies, who wouldn’t feel lavish, sipping on a cocktail, perched at this resting spot?

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