Linger @Timbre

Allow me to share the narrative of a project close to our hearts, situated in vibrant city of Edmonton, AB. Within the confines of this enchanting studio space, our vision materialized into a haven of warmth and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the resplendent hues of Benjamin Moore Canada’s Aura line. Central to our design ethos was the creation of a captivating four-toned checkerboard feature wall, serving as the unequivocal focal point within the space. This meticulously curated wall, a harmonious blend of colors, commands attention and infuses the room with an aura of charm and vitality. Navigating the spatial constraints of this studio space presented a space-planning challenge. With some creative thinking, we incorporated five distinct working zones. From functional workstations to an inviting client seating area (two desks, a rug sample display wall, a client seating area and a sample library). Each element was thoughtfully positioned to optimize both form and function. Sunpan Canada gifted us with a sumptuous merlot-toned velvet sofa. Which we strategically positioned opposite the checkerboard wall to bring balance to the other side of the room. For added privacy, we converted the interior windows into built-in oversized artwork by printing artwork onto a vinyl window covering. Our inaugural studio space holds a place of profound significance. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to design excellence and innovation, a canvas upon which our vision comes to life, leaving an indelible mark on all who enter its hallowed confines.

Let's Make Design History