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Linger Design Studio is an interdisciplinary firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors.  We’re recognized for our distinctive modern, vintage and brutalist aesthetic.

Together with trusted Developers, Builders, General Contractors and Artisans, we seek to create memorable experiences for our clients resulting in evocative and sustainable spaces. 

Our office is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and we serve clients across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

About The Founder

My name is Amanda Lwanga and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Linger Design Studio. I’m a licensed Professional Engineer with 13 years of experience in interdisciplinary design and Project Management. 

My design practice is rooted in the sciences, respect for the environment, methodical approach to problem-solving, and a love of fine arts! 

In 2007 I completed a B.A. in Environmental Systems Engineering and, in 2016, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture – focusing on Regenerative Design. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace this tapestry of experiences and use them as an asset in serving my clients well!

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