As a full-service design firm, we create evocative and sustainable commercial and residential spaces. Our objective is to have natural, built and social systems co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. This means that we find synergies between these systems, to produce elevated spaces. 

We respect the natural environment, use of the latest design-technology, apply Project Management best practices and are recognized for our distinctive modern aesthetic – this combination leaves us second to none.  

Our office is located in Edmonton, Albert and we happily serve clients across Canada.   

residential clients

              • Home Owners
              • Land Developers
              • Custom Home Builders
              • General Contractors
              • Realtors

Commercial clients

              • Hospitality
              • Corporate 
              • Medical 
              • Retail
              • Events 

About The Founder

My name is Amanda Lwanga and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Linger Design Studio. I’m a licensed Professional Engineer with over 13 years of experience in design and Project Management. I lead a team of designers, tradespeople, and artisans, who are exceptional in their respective fields. 

My design practice is rooted in the sciences, respect for the environment, methodical approach to problem-solving, and a love of fine arts! 

In 2007 I completed a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Environmental Systems Engineering and, in 2016, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture – focusing on Regenerative Design. 

One of my unique ‘superpowers’ is that I’m like a chameleon. I move in and out of (seemingly) polarised social and professional settings with ease. Highly technical and artistic; right brain and left brain; mainstream and marginalized; modern and vintage; process and intuition. My life experiences have forced me to explore these paradoxes in equal measure. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace this tapestry of experiences and use them as an asset in serving my clients well!

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